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Begining Fall 2012, East Georgia State College will nolonger use Blackboard Vista, we will be using Desire2Learn.

Informaiton concerning GeorigaView D2L is below:


Your GeorgiaView D2L account information is the same as your MyEGSC account, see Student Access for more information on how to obtain this information. 

To access your courses in GeorgiaView D2L, login to the MyEGSC web portal using your MyEGSC username and password.  Then, click on the GAView icon displayed on the page.

FAQ / Links to Useful Information

Common Issues

  • Check workstation time and time zone settings. If your Workstation clock is more than 5 minutes off from the GeorigaView D2L server you will have timeout issues and problems submitting work.
  • Java - It is recommend you uninstall all version of Java except when possible. Having multiple version of Java install will cause you trouble.
  • Turn off all toolbars / plugins in your browser you do not need. 90% of all GeorigaView are issues due to toolbars in your browser settings.
  • Add into your browsers "Trusted Sites" (IE Only).